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This Padres Minor Leaguer should win an Emmy for his role on NBC's 'State of Affairs'

Padres Minor Leaguer nabs role on NBC thriller

PEORIA, Ariz. - While it's certainly been a dynamite offseason for the San Diego Padres, it has been an explosive week for catcher Cody Decker.

While the Padres were busy remaking their roster this winter, Decker, a Minor League catcher, wore a different uniform this offseason -- security guard:

TONIGHT! Watch the season finale of State of Affairs in NBC! Check out the guy playing the security guard!

A photo posted by Cody Decker (@antiherobaseball) on

Don't get the wrong idea, as this wasn't a career change. Decker actually had a brief role in an episode of the NBC thriller "State of Affairs," which aired on Monday.

The role was brief because, well, Decker's character was blown up at a shopping mall. Decker's attempt to calm a man wearing a bomb failed and the bomb went off: 

Oh man, what's gonna happen to that ridiculously good looking security guard?!....

A video posted by Cody Decker (@antiherobaseball) on

He gone!!!!!!!

A video posted by Cody Decker (@antiherobaseball) on

"My biggest complaint is they killed off such a pivotal character … Security Guard 1," Decker said. "Who knows what he could have been? But some people just panic."

Not Decker, 28, a Minor League catcher who is in Major League camp with the Padres. He's been doing this -- acting -- as long as he's been playing baseball.

"I grew up in acting, in theater, did a couple plays in high school," said Decker, who grew up in Santa Monica and attended UCLA. "I'm a huge film guy, so being in the center of the whole process, for me, was really cool."

Decker is friends with the executive producer of the show, Joe Carnahan, who asked him to audition for a part. Decker read for the role in January and taped his spot two weeks ago at the Eagle Rock Plaza in Los Angeles.

"I walked out of it thinking I did a terrible job," said Decker. "But I've gotten a few people now who have complimented me, except [Triple-A El Paso manager] Pat Murphy, he said I was awful. He said I couldn't buy it. He said, 'it was you in a security guard uniform,'" Decker said.

Decker, a career .268 hitter in six Minor League seasons with 133 home runs, is still hoping to make it to the big leagues. If that doesn't work out, he might have a second career waiting for him as an actor.

Or even a third one, he joked.

"It was really good practice for the [actual] security job I'll be working next year," Decker said, smiling.

Corey Brock is a reporter for Keep track of @FollowThePadres on Twitter.

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