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Padres fans open Preller for President campaign office at home opener block party

Ask any Padres fan (or student of baseball, for that matter) about A.J. Preller and they'll tell you he's a more than capable candidate to run a baseball franchise. But what about running the country?

After a flurry of offseason moves that started with a trade for All-Star outfielder Matt Kemp and ended with an 11th-hour deal to bring the best closer in baseball into the shadow of the Western Metal Supply Co. building, Padres fans want to elect their team's GM to a more prestigious office.

When the Padres played their home opener against the Giants on Thursday, a group of fans set up a make-shift campaign office at the block party outside Petco Park, urging their fellow Padres supporters to join the cause and work to get Preller on the ballot for the 2016 presidential election.

Though, given how well this offseason went for the club, we're thinking most fans would hope for a 2021 inauguration at the earliest.