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Padres pitchers traverse the wilderness to hunt down Tom Murphy's first career homer

Padres pitchers search wilderness to find Murphy's HR

Growing up, you'd take baseball wherever you could get it. Which meant plenty of games of baseball or baseball-related activities would finish with you and three of your friends searching through thick patches of myrtle filled with poison ivy or crawling through the rhododendrons in hopes of finding your missing ball. It's an important part of growing up -- just like taking your first steps and having acne cover more of your body than skin. 

The Padres bullpen got to relive that experience (searching for the ball that is. Their skin looks clear and dry) on Saturday night. After the Rockies' Tom Murphy hit his first career home run, the Padres knew that he'd probably like the souvenir. Only problem: It was hidden somewhere within the wilderness beyond the fence.

Fortunately, the Padres relievers are a hearty bunch who surely read "Hatchet" while growing up, so they knew exactly what to do. They forded a river, scaled dangerous cliffs and surely faced off against mystical beasts in their search. 


Honestly, the only difference between this and your backyard is that this wasn't the only ball the two teams could use, so action resumed while the bullpen searched. 

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