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After 7 years in baseball, MiLBer Buddy Baumann signs his first Major League deal with the Padres

Career MiLBer Baumann signs first Major League deal

When the Padres signed Buddy Baumann on Monday, it probably didn't turn many heads -- at least not as many as another reported pitcher signing this week. But Baumann's one-year deal was seven years in the making. 

Baumann was drafted by the Royals in 2009, and he spent the next seven years working his way from Rookie ball to Triple-A. Now, almost 200 MiLB games later, he has signed his first Major League contract. It might have taken a little longer than he expected or hoped, but with the sign of a pen, Baumann went from career Minor Leaguer to a MLB roster. That's what's called achieving your dreams

It's not as if this was a charity move by the Padres, either. Baumann has 477 strikeouts in 460 2/3 career innings, along with a 1.26 WHIP. Plus, he can make catches like this:


And it looks like he has the right "Sure, I'll get a goofy haircut on a bet" mentality to make it in the big leagues: 

h/t Eye on Baseball

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