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Paul Konerko once got hit in the face by a pitch, and then homered in his next at-bat

Getting hit by a Major League fastball can't be fun. Whether it's bouncing off your arm, your back, your leg, your ankle, your knee -- a 90 mph-plus pitch is going to sting just a little bit. The worst place to get hit, though? In the face. That's where Paul Konerko, who celebrates his 43rd birthday today, got hit by Carl Pavano during a game in 2010.


Konerko, a man built of 40 percent homers and 60 percent grit, stayed in the game and trotted down to first base. The White Sox faithful gave him a standing ovation. And then, in the third inning, on the very next pitch he saw from Pavano after getting drilled in the jaw, the six-time All-Star did this:

As you can hear in the main clip above, the crowd (and Hawk Harrelson) were very excited. The next day, Konerko played it off matter-of-factly to ESPN Chicago.

 "You just play," Konerko said. "It's really not that hard to do. It's what you get paid to do as a professional."