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Try to hit home runs out of Wrigley Field as members of Pearl Jam in this video game

Ballplayers want to be rock stars, rock stars want to be ballplayers and regular joes like you and me want to be both. Usually, we're left to just dream about it. But finally, there's a simple little game that lets us live out those dreams though in 8-bit style.

A tie-in for Pearl Jam's documentary "Let's Play Two," chronicling the band's two-night stand at Wrigley Field in August 2016, the new game lets you you choose a band member and try to wallop dingers out of Wrigley with your space bar.

But select wisely: Do you believe in a high-contact, limited power approach like keyboardist Boom Gaspar? Or do you prefer the all-or-nothing type approach from Eddie Vedder?


Sadly, the only thing missing from the game is that there is no consideration for walk-up songs. Which is kind of strange given that it features a band.  

Click here to check it out. And best of luck smashing taters.