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And now, Phil Hughes reminds everyone of Alex Rodriguez's best nickname: #BaeRod

A tweet from Phil Hughes on Wednesday night, presented without comment:

#BaeRod. Bae-Rod. B-A-E-R-O-D.

OK, some comment:

There are some, in various corners of the internet/the world, who refer to Alex Rodriguez not by the traditional "A-Rod" but by a more affectionate name. This includes his very own team.

Rod, as in Rodriguez, Alex the baes-ball player. Bae, as in the term of endearment (if you've never heard of it before, you can learn along with SNY broadcasters Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen).

Hughes used this particular nickname in reply to Rodriguez's own tweet of himself working out in the pool. Because he is not above teasing his former teammates on Twitter, especially not when it involves calling a 40-year-old bae.

But hey, for all we know, Hughes has been calling him Bae-Rod for years.