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See a baseball game through the Phillie Phanatic's eyes as he takes over TV camera duties

If you ever thought it was easy to be a baseball mascot, think again. Not only do you have to enthrall the crowd with your wacky antics while wearing a sweaty costu- er, um, coated in lots of fur -- even occasionally getting pranked by Major League players -- but you are also expected to fill in around the stadium when needed. 

During the Phillies' 4-1 loss to the Brewers on Thursday night, the Phanatic was called in to give the usual cameraman a break. 


He even did a pretty good job, keeping his focus on the field and not on the hot dog vendors or fans in Pat Burrell shirseys -- even if his camera work was a little shaky. 

We assume the Phanatic then gave up his post to clean out the restrooms, restock the popcorn machines and ride his ATV around.