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Phillie Phanatic makes fun of Pablo Sandoval, gets CPR from Hunter Pence

During Tuesday night's Giants-Phillies game, Pablo Sandoval dashed into foul territory after a popup and just missed making a spectacular catch. Instead, it was a spectacular fall. Of course, the Phillie Phanatic took the time before the start of Wednesday's match-up to dramatically remind Panda of his failed catch:


The Phanatic also got in a couple of digs at Giants outfielder Hunter Pence, making fun of his sock length and his stretching. Pence didn't seem to have any hard feelings, though. When the Phanatic lost his breath after doing a few situps, Pence very kindly gave him CPR:


"I just didn't want him to die," Pence said.

Thanks to your timely intervention, Hunter, the Phanatic will live to mock another day.