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Celebrate America's bicentennial again with the Phillies and Brewers rocking their 1976 uniforms

In 1976, America turned 200 years old. Major League Baseball celebrated in the very best way possible: With pillbox caps. And while the Pirates kept theirs into the '80s, most other teams like the Cardinals, Mets and Phillies retired theirs at the end of the year. 

Well, the Phillies brought back the pillbox caps, along with the maroon pinstripes, for Friday's Retro Night game against the Brewers. With Milwaukee in town, it meant there would be maroon versus robin's egg blue in a truly wonderful matchup of colors.  

After all, this is the uniform that Dick Allen and Mike Schmidt made look like a couture classic. 


For the Brewers, it's not only the uniform that Robin Yount wore as a young player, but was also the last one Hank Aaron ever donned. 

In addition to some sweet throwback posters being handed out to fans, the Phillies are also celebrating the '70s through their scoreboard presentations. 

Even the grounds crew got in on the action. Either that, or they've been kidnapped and placed on the Satellite of Love

K-Billy would be proud