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No one is more excited about tonight's NHL Draft than this Phillies fan/hockey goalie

Look, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there for foul ball seekers. If a fan's not pulling out a cup of beer to make a snag, they're using a bucket of popcorn/their hat/the black magic of a newborn to reel one in. One particularly cold-blooded spectator has even taken to suckering in the more naive among us, letting them think a souvenir is within reach before cruelly taking it away and dancing in gleeful celebration. 

The point is, it's the Wild West out there, and in a world with no rules, only the strong will survive. Of course, by "strong" we mean "people armed with a hockey goalie's glove," like this intrepid Phillies fan who used Friday night's NHL Draft for inspiration during Philly's game against the Nationals:

Phillies hockey fan

The foul ball stakes having been raised, the rest of the fans at Citizens Bank Park took notice and decided to show off their own baseball-snagging skills:

Philly fan catch

That, or he's hoping the Flyers take a, uh, flier on him between the pipes.