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Phillies fans impersonate Craig Kimbrel, get a great workout in along the way

Phillie fans impersonate Craig Kimbrel

Ever been torn with the desire to watch a ballgame and the need to get buff? Now you can finally combine the two. And it's all thanks to a new workout craze coming out of Philadelphia called The Kimbrel. It's great for strengthening those shoulders and delts. 

While at the ballpark, simply wait for Craig Kimbrel to take the mound. When he does, mirror the closer and bend over at the waist 90 degrees, feeling an elongation of the spine and a nice deep stretch in your quads. Add in a demi-squat if you want to for a light leg workout. 

While bent over, bring your arms up and out forming a 'T' shape before bending your elbows at a 45-degree angle. Hold this form for a moment, making sure to get a nice healthy burn in your shoulders, bouncing softly on the balls of your feet. Finally, bring your arms down, kind of like how a bird would flap its wings and sit. Repeat the motion for every pitch.


See? Finally you can be in the best shape of your life, too. 

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