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Gabe Kapler and the Phanatic hosted a very special sleepover in the Phillies clubhouse for nine local children

Friday night was one to remember for a group of children currently undergoing treatment at Philadelphia hospitals, as they were hosted by the Phillies -- manager Gabe Kapler, general manager Matt Klentak and the Phanatic, specifically -- for a special sleepover event in the Phillies clubhouse. 
The fun didn't end there, though, as the kids also got to take some hacks in the batting cages and sign honorary one-day contracts with the team ... which means they're closer to being Major Leaguers than you or I are, in all honesty. 
Jokes aside, it was a very warm event hosted by the Phillies, and as you'll see in the clip atop this post, smiles and laughter were everywhere. A truly magical night, indeed.