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Cameron Perkins and Odubel Herrera jumped for a catch, Perkins caught it -- and then they hugged

Remember that game we all played as kids in a grassy field? The one where somebody hit or threw a baseball high in the air toward the general direction of a group of youths, gloves outstretched, each vying for the ball? 

It also happens in the stands in every game when fans battle for foul balls and home runs. It also happened in the outfield itself in Monday's Phillies-Marlins game at Marlins Park, with the Phillies' Cameron Perkins and Odubel Herrera playing the role of the kids from that old sandlot pastime. 

Giancarlo Stanton walloped a deep drive to left-center that prompted both Herrera (in center field) and Perkins (left) to race back toward the fence and leap very high -- with Perkins somehow coming down with the ball. The two basically hugged after crashing to the ground, too, because teamwork is everything:


Luis Garcia, the beneficiary of this marvelous play, felt pretty good about it, of course:


The Marlins wound up winning the game, 6-5, but that play was a sight to see.