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Phillies prospect Austin Davis caught a line drive with his throwing hand to start a double play

During the eighth inning of Tuesday night's Eastern League game against the Akron RubberDucks, Reading Fightins reliever Austin Davis found himself thrust into cost/benefit analysis that demanded an immediate decision.

On a one-out line drive to the mound, Davis had two choices. One: Catch the ball with his bare hand to start a double play, but incur the risks of making a barehanded grab with his throwing hand. Two: Protect his throwing hand, but allow the inning to continue in a 6-4 game.

Davis chose the path of glory.


With the tying run on base with one out prior to Davis' double play, his catch and throw to first may well have changed the outcome of the game in favor of the Fightins. Even without the luxury of time to perform his cost/benefit analysis, Davis' snap reaction led him to the correct -- and entertaining -- decision.