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Philly fans make Sunday a doubleheader

Midnight green seemed to join red, white and blue as an official Phillies color on Sunday night.

After the Eagles suffered a heartbreaking 24-23 loss to the 49ers earlier in the day, some fans just couldn't go home.

Scalpers outside Citizens Bank Park said they were selling as many as 30 to 40 percent more tickets on Sunday than they did for Game 1 on Saturday, and for much higher prices.

"These people are desperate," said one scalper. "I wish I had more to sell."

Count Walt Lipski and his wife Barb as two of the "desperate" fans who couldn't go home after witnessing a tough loss across the street at Lincoln Financial Field. They only paid $50 above face value for their tickets in the lower level of the first-base side, but Walt said he was ready to spend another $140 once he got into the ballpark.

"Now I need some Phillies gear," said Lipski, who was wearing a DeSean Jackson No. 10 jersey. "My wife will be upset about that, but I have to. All I have is my Phillies thong."

Like many of the fans who turned their Sunday into a doubleheader, Lipski said he wasn't planning on staying for both games, but he just couldn't leave after the Eagles game.

"We were supposed to be home right now," said Lipski, an active-duty Coast Guard who has to wake up at 3:30 a.m. ET Monday to get to Staten Island.

The parking lots at Citizens Bank were filled with Eagles fans who wanted to keep the tailgating going into the night. Like many of the others, the Lipskis had plenty of beverages at their car, but no food.

"We ordered a pizza," Walt said. "He delivered it right to our car!"

Only in a Philadelphia.