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David Ortiz hit a batting practice home run that got stuck inside Pesky's Pole

Photos via Mimi Murad, Correspondent.

You think you've seen David Ortiz do all the cool stuff he could possibly do: His outfits, his speeches, his interactions with fans -- not to mention all the things he's doing on the diamond this season, in what might be the best final year by a batter, ever. There's a limit to how awesome a human can be, right?

And then Big Papi goes and hits a batting practice home run so hard on Thursday that it gets stuck inside Pesky's Pole at Fenway Park, and you remember that no, Ortiz will never stop doing mind-bogglingly cool things.


Well, if he really wants to leave his mark on Fenway before he retires, that's certainly one way to do it.

Now, if Ortiz hits another home run that gets stuck in the foul pole during the Twins-Red Sox matchup, then he will officially cement his title as CPA.

(Coolest Person Alive.)

UPDATE: Papi didn't get a home run stuck in the pole during the Red Sox's 13-2 win, but he did have three hits including, yes, another home run:


Ortiz talked to's Ian Browne about the Pesky's Pole moment postgame:

"You saw that? That was powerful right there, I wasn't expecting that but it happens. I've been watching balls hit that pole for years and never did any of them got stuck in there. It doesn't get any more powerful."

Manager John Farrell was also extrememly impressed:

"I think some people went down and took a picture of splitting the chicken wire, the mesh, whatever it is, steel cage. He drove the ball right through the foul pole. yeah, he puts on a display every day. And you know, the thing about his BP, we all watch it, it starts with moving the ball around the field and finishes with driving the ball out of the ballpark. It's a professional approach, and it's really fun to watch. And we're watching, I would think, history, right in front of us nightly."