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Photo of the Day: Even while delivering toys to children, Hunter Pence stays weird

The great Vin Scully once described Hunter Pence thusly: "You're never going to fall asleep watching him -- he makes coffee nervous."

This, like just about everything Vin said, was spot-on. No matter what Pence does or where he goes, he does it all with that distinctly Pence-ian joie de vivre -- whether he's preparing for Halloween, meeting with the President, celebrating the successes of his teammates, trying to catch a fly ball or, as his Instagram account proved on Monday, delivering toys to kids:


Help spread joy by supporting the Marines #ToysForTots Foundation. These guys are incredible!

A photo posted by Hunter Pence (@hunterpence) on

Only Hunter Pence could turn a heartwarming charitable endeavor into an opportunity to make a silly face behind a group of Marines.