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Jeremy Guthrie just wants to play catch with someone (again)

Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie took to Twitter on Friday looking for help with his offseason conditioning (again):

One Royals fan with a bit of free time decided to answer the call:

After a few DMs with logistics, Guthrie and the fan, Daniel Wesley, met up and played a bit of catch -- pretty much every baseball fan's dream.

"I just kept telling myself to not act like I'm 12, and to make good throws," Wesley said. "I definitely didn't wake up this morning expecting to play catch with an MLB pitcher."

The two tossed the ball for around 40 minutes, sharing stories about their children and family life. When it was all over, Guthrie gave the fan a signed ball and bat.

Wesley was positively thrilled:

And already started looking to book his next gig:

(h/t's Alex Robinson)