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Photo of the Day: Frank Thomas is a Hall of Famer in two sports

Did you know Frank Thomas is a multi-sport HOFer?

Sure, you probably know that Frank Thomas is in the Baseball Hall of Fame: He was elected this past year (his first time on the ballot). During his 19-year career, he won two MVPs, was elected to five All-Star teams and hit a home run every now and again:


But more importantly, did you know that he's also in the Pinball Hall of Fame??!! Did you even know there was a Pinball Hall of Fame??!! 

Yes, located along the historic Tropicana Avenue in Paradise, Nev., lie 400 of the most prestigious machines from pinball's long, luminous history. And, as pointed out by a visitor this weekend, Thomas' Big Hurt Pinball is one of the museum's permanent residents:

And with that, we can officially say Frank Thomas is a multi-sport Hall of Famer.

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