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Photo of the Day: A couple of AL batting champions, old and new

Photo via Angels

Jose Altuve ran away with his second AL batting title this season -- even collecting a hit in the Astros' 8-1 loss to the Angels on Sunday. He finished with a league-leading 216 hits and a .338 batting average -- 20 percentage points ahead of both Dustin Pedroia's and Mookie Betts' .318. 

To make things even more special, because the Astros were playing their final game in Anaheim, former Angel and the award's namesake Rod Carew posed with the second baseman -- probably to hatch some plan about creating an indestructable, infallible hitting machine called Carewte. Carew had seven (!) batting titles, a .328 career batting average (including one year where he hit .388) and 3,053 hits -- all accomplishments that Altuve could conceivably reach some day: