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A Padres fan thought she was just performing a pregame ceremony ... until her boyfriend proposed

Not terribly long after they first started dating, Liddy Loree made one humble request of her boyfriend, Donavan Jones, in the event he decided to pop the question.

"Whatever you do," Loree said Saturday, "don't put me on the scoreboard."

Jones held up to his part of the bargain ... well, mostly. Before the Indians-Padres game on Saturday, he asked Loree, his girlfriend of two years, to marry him. And though the proposal happened on the field, in front of a nearly sold-out crowd, they did manage to escape the wandering eye of the scoreboard camera.

Here's how it happened:

Loree and Jones are in Arizona for the annual Padres Spring Weekend, an event for corporate partners and their friends. Jones, who said that he has been plotting this proposal since October, got a little help with his plan.

Eddie Quinn, the Padres' manager of partnership services, offered his assistance in leading Liddy and Jones on the field. Quinn very sneakily told Liddy that two people were needed to yell "Play ball" into a microphone before the first pitch.

Liddy was skeptical.

"I didn't know why they would need two people to do that," she said.

Standing near home plate, Jones dropped to one knee to ask Loree to marry him. Getting the words out wasn't easy.

"I couldn't breathe," Jones said, smiling.

Loree and Jones have known each other for three years. She's a New York native who used to root for the Mets and detested the Dodgers. Jones, who is a San Diego native, has been a Padres fan for as long as he can remember.

The two were first introduced to each other by friends who knew they shared a common bond.

"Baseball brought us together," Loree said.

Corey Brock is a reporter for Keep track of @FollowThePadres on Twitter and listen to his podcast.