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Photo of the Day: Progressive Field is all dressed up and ready for first pitch

Photo taken on LG G4 by Angela Martin, Correspondent

September is a pretty wild time to be a baseball fan -- there are walk-offs to be celebrated, divisions to be won, sheer chaos to be enjoyed. Amid all the drama and zaniness of the race to October, though, Progressive Field would like to offer a friendly reminder: Baseball is still one pristinely beautiful game.

Sure, a few hours later the Indians would be battling for the Wild Card  against the Tigers, but in the calm before the storm, there was just the bluest sky and the greenest grass.

So, in between frantically refreshing the standings and losing your voice after three consecutive hours of cheering, take a minute to remind yourself that, hey, this is all pretty great. Then, you know, go back to the screaming your head off thing. Your team needs you!