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'Selfie' is the Word of the Year and Carlos Martinez probably approves

It's been a banner year for the selfie. Taking photos of yourself in various phases of fishface has inspired trendpiecesthinkpieces, backlash to the thinkpieces and a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook. And now, in a crowning achievement, "selfie" has been named the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year

Like everyone's favorite photo trend, Carlos Martinez also burst onto the scene in 2013. If the Cardinals pitcher's Twitter and Instagram are any indication, the arrival was perfectly timed …

Here's Baby Pedro taking a selfie on a bus:

And here he is snapping a mirror selfie:

Flash is an integral part of the mirror selfie:

NBA Champions/National League Champion selfie:

You've gotta have at least one selfie where you point at the mirror:

Don't forget a serious dugout selfie:

What do you do when you're dressed up? Selfie, of course:

Private plane selfie!

Does this count as a selfie?

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