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Which current MLB player would make the best manager right now?

On Tuesday, the New York Knicks introduced their new head coach: Derek Fisher. You may remember Fisher, who has no previous coaching experience, from that time he played point guard for the Thunder 10 days ago.

This got us thinking: Is there any current MLB player who could successfully step off the diamond and into the dugout today if he so desired?

Here are our suggestions, but please feel free to leave yours in the comments:

Yadier Molina


Molina's a perennial All-Star who's famous for his unparalleled ability to handle a pitching staff. Additionally, catchers tend to make great managers -- current catcher/managers such as Bruce Bochy, Joe Girardi and Mike Scioscia have all won World Series championships as the guy in charge.

Brian McCann


McCann spent his first nine years in MLB with the Braves, and six of those with the legendary Bobby Cox as his manager. Spending that much time with a Hall of Famer would give McCann an edge -- particularly in learning the subtleties of a great ejection.

And when push comes to shove, McCann always has his teammates' backs -- often literally:

Brandon Phillips


Phillips has experience filling out a lineup card. Last year, he gave Fox Sports' Jon Morosi his All-Swag team -- the players in Major League Baseball that offer the most swagger. It was an essential piece of reading. We're guessing that his ability to identify swagger in his collegues is transferable to identifying talent and, even if that isn't the case, that he would field the most entertaining lineup in the game.

Tim Lincecum


Big Time Timmy Jim may not be the first person you think of when it comes to managerial gravitas, but he certainly should be. Back in May, Lincecum tried his hand at management -- joining the pregame lineup card exchange and holding court with the umpires.

But more than anything, he's got that managerial gait down to a science:


Manny Ramirez


Manny's playing for the Triple-A Iowa Cubs, so we're counting him here. More importantly, Manny's role with the Cubs is as a player-coach -- giving him crucial managerial experience he could rely on in the future.

What do you think? Which current player do you think would make the best manager right now? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @Cut4.

Update -- 6/11

We got a lot of excellent responses. Here are just a few:

And, of course, one player seemed to be a common refrain:

Any other ideas?