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These amazing homemade standings boards are the newest trend in baseball DIY

Waking up and rushing to check the standings following a night of baseball action is a time-honored tradition. It's one that crescendos, too -- as the season advances and every game makes a bigger difference, checking the standings can be as tense and terrifying as a horror film. 

For some people, even that's not enough. They want to be an active participant in the ebbs and flows of a baseball season. If this sounds like the crafty, Pinterest-ready activity of your dreams, the baseball subreddit has answered. Fans have recently been posting their unique ways of tracking the standings. 

RebelNutt18 kicked things off with his colorful pushpin board: 


User WumboNed's father has a collection of team baseballs with a bonus Sporting News wallpaper in the background: 


JacobysBigPapi naturally went with a take on the Green Monster. You can even follow his updated standings on Twitter:

For the avid board game player, TomK115 went with Scrabble tiles. Sadly, while he keeps track of the division leaders, there's no marker for double word and triple letter scores. 


For the headwear-obsessed, Yusuf69 uses caps to keep track. It's probably a great thing for when it's raining and you're rushing out of the house. 


Even more simple versions are beautiful. Dunaja focuses just on the AL East: 


I bet now you're looking at your bedroom ceiling or cubicle wall to figure out how to build your own. Personally, I'm thinking a collection of those grains of rice that you can get your name printed on at the mall, only this time it's baseball teams and their records. 

If you already have one, let us know! Tweet us yours @Cut4