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Frisco RoughRiders have mined your childhood and will wear Game Boy uniforms this year

It's the ancient struggle: Do you watch baseball or play a baseball video game? The Frisco RoughRiders, the Double-A affiliate for the Rangers, have heard your pleas and are giving you the next best thing: Game Boy uniforms. 

That's right, the team will rock custom handheld gaming uniforms when they hold their "Salute to 8-Bit and Arcades Night" on July 8. The uniforms are pretty spot on, not only faithfully recreating the look of a Game Boy on the front, but even making sure the backs have a "RoughRiders" cartridge in there. No word on if Wario will be making an appearance that night. 

Of course, that's not the only themed jerseys that the team with their own lazy river are holding. The team will also don "Ghostbusters" uniforms on July 29 (the classic ones, for those curious, and not the new ones) and, wait for it, a "Top Gun" night. 


My hope for Top Gun night: If it's tied at the end of nine innings, instead of going to extra innings, they play some beach volleyball. It's only fitting.