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Celebrate National Hat Day with these six amazing custom fan hats from 2015

Baseball is a sport of headwear. You can rock your favorite team's hat and feel like a real pro. You can buy some truly hilarious Minor League options. Or you can be like these intrepid fans and rock something a bit more … unique. It's like a bespoke suit, if your finely tailored suit was actually made out of papier-mâché and construction paper. 

As we celebrate National Hat Day on Friday, let's look at six of the best hats that fans wore to stadiums in 2015. Then, take some inspiration and get yourself on the list for next year. 

The Humphrey Bogart


There are fedoras, and then there are fedoras with gnomes of Buck Showalter on them. Actually, make that fedora. Singular. This is that one. 

The Green Monster


From the files of "Rejected Mascot Ideas, but Really Great Wedding Cake Ideas" comes a fan who wore Fenway Park atop his dome. 

The Hunter


While other fans showed their support for Hisashi Iwakuma with adorable bear caps, this intrepid fan decided to give young fans nightmares. 

The Grandmother's Pride


This man not only gets bonus points for having a great winter hat that we can only hope his grandmother knitted with love, but also for wearing a classic Griffey jersey. This is a combo worth being married in. 

The Ring Bearers


You know the phrase "Heavy is the head that wears the crown?" These fans do. 

The Rebuilding Project


This man has seen a lot while waiting for that World Series title. Given the Cubs' roster, he may be swapping out the hard hat for a ring hat soon. 

(All photos by's Real-Time Correspondents)