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These Royals fans waited nearly 30 years to show off their postseason swag

Royals fans finally show off postseason swag

It's been 29 years since a World Series was played in Kansas City, and that's a long time to rein in your artistic sign-making impulses. All those October vacation days you'd planned to take over the past three decades? Had to use them to work on your elaborate Transformers costume instead. But not this year. This year, Royals fans are going all out.

Because history is at work:


And money is no object:


Filming a movie? It'll wait:

Have to be at work more than 6,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean? Your boss will understand:

Because international borders don't mean anything to a Royals fan:


And the World Series? It brings us all together:


Just make sure to leave a note to let someone know what you're doing:


Remember, you should always leave a note.


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