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The Pirates and Padres broadcasters passed the time during a rain delay by playing Jenga

The weather wasn't great on Friday night in Pittsburgh, so the Pirates and Padres had to deal with a delay prior to the start of their game. Without much else to do in the meantime, some of the broadcasters turned to a classic rainy day activity -- Jenga.

Padres announcer Mark Grant squared off against the Pirates' Greg Brown, while Brown's colleague, Steve Blass, served as the Jenga judge (or as he called it, "Jen-ja"). Both teams brought their fans in on the fun by streaming the showdown on Periscope:

After a game that lasted over 10 minutes, it was Grant who emerged victorious when Brown couldn't pry a piece loose.

The trio did mention that the winner would have to play against Blass at some point, so perhaps a sequel is in the works! Stay tuned if the Pirates have another delay.