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Watch this Pirates fan fulfill a 21-year-old promise to his son

Once upon a time, Charlie Petredis was a vendor at Three Rivers Stadium, promising his toddler son that if the Pirates ever returned to the playoffs, he would dress to make the little guy proud.

That was 20 years ago, when Charlie Jr. was about four years old and pops was teaching him to be a lifelong Bucs fan.

Fast forward two decades: Charlie Jr. is now 25 and the Pirates were about to host the Reds in a real, live playoff game. Charlie Sr. delivered as promised, #FANtasking to the fullest in pirate gear.


From head to toe, beginning with an authentic-looking hat all the way down to the gold belt and striped trousers, Petredis was loud, and proud, and waving his Pirates flag.

"I promised my son if they ever returned to the playoffs, I would be a Pirate from hat to toe," Petredis said. "And here I am."

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