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This Pirates fan didn't throw Jedd Gyorko's home run ball back on the field, but into the river

Cubs fans started the trend that has taken over pockets of every stadium where the home fans toss a visiting team's home run ball back onto the field. For this Pirates fan that snagged Jedd Gyorko's home run in the top of the first of Friday's Cardinals-Pirates game, that wasn't good enough. Why return the ball to its home, when what it clearly needed was to be cleaned of the visiting team's dinger? 

Without enough time for conscious thought, he immediately grabbed the ball, spun and hurled it into the river -- getting some serious air in his toss: 


Perhaps he was taking inspiration from when the Pirates were known as the Alleghanys back in the 1800s. As for how he got so much distance, he told the Pirates broadcast, "I put all my weight into it. About 285 pounds."

Not surprisingly, no one chucked Josh Bell's ninth-inning walk-off in the Pirates' 5-2 victory.