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The Pirates hung out with the U.S. Open trophy, while Clint Hurdle only ever got 'popsicle sticks'

Who doesn't want to hang out with a trophy for the day? After all, only the greatest of the greats get trophies, so just being near a trophy is always an honor and an excuse for sweet selfies. On Thursday, the Pirates got to hang out with golf's U.S. Open Trophy -- one of the oldest awards in American sports. 

The trophy, an 18-inch high hunk of metal topped by a winged figure, has been given out since 1895 -- eight years before the first recognized World Series. With this year's tournament starting on June 16 at Oakmont Country Club, located outside of Pittsburgh, the Pirates got first crack at carrying it around and pretending to be golf champs, as it will soon be on the move to party with the Indians and Reds. 

Mark Melancon treated it like an archivist would, going with the white gloves look. (Which makes us wonder why sparkling white mitts haven't become an on-field fashion choice.)

While Tony Watson greeted it like an old friend. 

Before Clint Hurdle got a chance to see it, he told the assembled media:

"If I want to see it, I'm going to have to get up and go. That's pretty cool. It's a trophy -- you millennials know all about trophies!"

As for what were used to award players in the past: 

"It was a popsicle stick. And a pat on the butt."

Now I can't stop thinking of a World Series popsicle stick "trophy."