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A Pittsburgh hospital is dressing all newborns in Pirates gear

Before this year, there were legal adults who had never been alive during a winning Pirates season. That won't be the case for any living Pittsburgh fan now since, as you may have heard, the Bucs made it back to the postseason for the first time since 1992.

Even infants can now claim to have witnessed a successful Bucs campaign, and St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh is making sure everyone knows it. The hospital tweeted the above photo on Wednesday, explaining that throughout the postseason, all babies in their care will be outfitted with Pirates onesies, bandannas and miniature baseball bats. They later tweeted a group shot:

And the best part? As part of their Twitter blitz announcing the "Bucco Babies," they trash-talked St. Louis' St. Luke's Hospital:

Should that be considered a challenge? Your move, St. Lukes ...

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