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Players, media feel the excitement pregame at Kauffman

By Meggie Zahneis/

The field at Kauffman Stadium was abuzz with energy on Tuesday, even as early as four hours before game time.

Players, coaches, and media were all in their element. Players took their hacks in the cage as American League manager Ron Washington perched on a platform to observe.

And the media? Well, the media was doing everything.

There were the photographers, some toting lenses bigger than their heads. TV hosts wiped the invariably present sweat from their brows before putting on their own "game face." And when not clutching their iProducts, reporters were vying for the most valuable commodity of the night: the interview.

Indeed, whenever a player grabbed his bat or glove and took so much as one step in the direction of their respective dugout, a swarm of media descended upon him. Voice recorders were outstretched, and sound booms loomed overhead -- to say nothing of flashes and impromptu light sources. At times, one was forced to yell to hear; to squint to speak.

The scene playing out in the general vicinity of Kauffman Stadium's batting cage could only be described as one thing: a madhouse.

Meggie Zahneis, winner of the 2011 Breaking Barriers essay contest, earned the job of youth correspondent for in the fall of '11.