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Bedazzled jerseys? Hair dye? Predicting MLB's biggest style trends in 2016

During the 2015 season, MLB hit what we in the facial hair appreciation business call #PeakBeard. We even had Vin Scully dissect the recent uptick in players sporting copious amounts of facial hair, which included a number of Santa Claus doppelgangers. It was definitely the year of the beard -- look no further than this year's Cy Young Award winners -- which means 2016 will be the year of some other trend in player style.

What will be the next style movement Scully poetically highlights? Which fashion-forward players will we be honoring this time next year? Below are a few guesses at the next style crazes that could take MLB by storm:  

Mutton chops

Every facial hair trend eventually peaks and fades, and beards will be no different. But as beards fall, a new hope will rise: The mutton chop. Bearded players already have the hair necessary for chops in place -- all it would take is a quick buzz off the chin, and its mutton chops season, baby. And as for the traditionally clean-shaven, well, they'd look quite handsome as well ...


Players dyeing their hair

Remember when Bryce Harper followed his MVP season by dyeing his hair silver? If he brings his silver mane back by April, and another big leaguer decides to go through a punk phase and begin Opening Day with some bright blue highlights, we might be in for a very colorful 2016. It'll be like eighth grade all over again -- just promise there won't be any frosted tips. 


Long hair and headbands

Between Johnny Cueto's flowing dreadlocks and Bryce Harper's slicked-back, long-on-the-top/short-on-the-sides 'do, long hair is in. And what do players need to keep their long hair in check? Headbands. The dream of the 70s is alive. 


Players eschewing hats and shaving team logos into their hair

Jarrod Dyson and George Springer got a head start, but players could take this haircut art thing (that even fans are getting in on) a couple of steps further. What if, instead of ball caps, some players simply shaved their team logos into their hair? 


Before the start of the 2015 season, Andrew McCutchen cut off his iconic dreadlocks. After the 2015 season, Jake Arrieta got rid of his beard. But what if that was merely the beginning of the hair-shedding? What if the trend post-peak beard is away from long hair and facial hair and toward the far opposite? This season may very well be the season players strive to achieve hairlessness -- which would make Brett Gardner a pioneer.


Bedazzled jerseys

Yoenis Cespedes' neon arm sleeve made it obvious how cool an MLB uniform could look with a bit of eye-popping flair. What would an MLB uniform look like with a lot of eye-popping flair?


Players pulling their socks up really high

How high can socks go? It's about time an MLB player takes the stirrup-sock look to its (il)logical extreme: Not just calf-high or even knee-high, but socks that run the entire length of the pant leg.


Do you have any fashion forward predictions? Share them in the comments below.