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President Obama welcomes Giants to the White House, makes Hunter Pence sign joke

With the Giants in the nation's capital on Thursday -- before traveling up to Philadelphia for this weekend's series against the Phillies -- the team made its customary World Series winner's trip to the White House.

Always a special occasion, the White House had its napkin game on point: 

And the Giants lined up in an orderly fashion: 

During the ceremony, in which President Obama picked up his traditional "Obama" jersey (What's the etiquette on Presidents wearing jerseys with their own name on the back in public?), the Commander-in-Chief dropped a Presidential Hunter Pence sign joke

Naturally, the curly-haired, disjointed outfielder snapped to attention: 

Even better than Obama's mere joke, though, is that this is proof that he follows baseball memes. That means he is probably sharing Bartolo Colon GIFs during important lunch meetings. When he's supposed to be reading about foreign policy or, like, signing a law or whatever (it's been a while since I took civics), he's probably subtweeting naysayers about Yasiel Puig bat flips

I can promise you this: George Washington never took the time to read about Munenori Kawasaki's dance moves. I mean, sure, there was no internet or antibiotics and professional baseball was still almost a century away, but that doesn't excuse him. 

At least Abraham Lincoln was a baseball fan