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President Obama wants the Cubs to visit the White House before he leaves office

Before Game 1 of the World Series, President Obama set aside his White Sox fandom and admitted that he would indeed be rooting for the Cubs to end their 108-year drought and win it all. Chicago is his hometown, after all, even if the Cubs are on the north side.

Now, after the Cubs prevailed in Game 7 and claimed their first championship since 1908, the president offered his congratulations and extended the most hallowed of sports invitations:

While also providing some historical perspective:

The Royals didn't visit the White House until eight months after their championship (which is typical), however, so the Cubs have to be a bit quicker if they're going to make it before Obama's term is up on Jan. 20, 2017.

Although, depending on how things turn out on Nov. 8, there could be another Chicagoan waiting for them: