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Prince Fielder hits the ball far ... but farther than Cecil?

Baseball is back and nothing said that more than seeing Prince Fielder crush a monstrous home run against the Blue Jays on Saturday:

Yeah, I didn't see it land either.

Anyway, watching Prince mash always brings back memories of his dad, Cecil. Big Daddy had 319 dingers during his 13-year career and hit some absolute moonshots at the old Tiger Stadium. But did he hit the ball as far as his son does today?

Cecil's longest dinger was measured over 500 feet, while Prince reportedly smacked one 611 feet last spring. It's hard to think that Prince could lose to anybody in a long-distance contest, but then there's this clip of Cecil homering onto Tiger Stadium's roof back in '93. He's also one of just a few players (Harmon Killebrew, Mark McGwire) to clear the 94-foot high structure. Maybe it's the raucous crowd or the "Holy Mackerel!" quip by the announcer, but something tells me a home run contest between Prince and Cecil in their power-hitting primes would be extraordinary:  

-- Matt Monagan /

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