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Prince Fielder ran off the field after the second out and then tried to convince everyone it was just to get water

In baseball, a half-inning ends after there are three outs. As an eight-year MLB veteran, Prince Fielder should know this. So when he ran off the field with two outs while everyone else stayed at their positions, it's a safe bet that he lost track of the number of outs.

Not true, according to Fielder -- the big first baseman motioned for a cup of water after getting to the dugout, and upon returning to his station made sure to non-verbally tell everyone that was his purpose for running off in the first place. Nice try, Prince, but I think your surprised two-out gesture in the dugout, not to mention your smiling, gave you away.

As another dreadlocked person once said, you can't fool all the people all the time. Or in Prince's case, anyone watching on TV this night.

-- Dan Wohl /