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Smooth Cubs fan gets professor to reschedule midterm exam for the NL Wild Card Game

In 1986, a fictional high school student named Ferris Bueller famously skipped a day of school to gallivant around Chicago, pass himself off as sausage king Abe Froman and attend a Cubs game. Now that the Cubbies have secured a spot in the NL Wild Card Game presented by Budweiser, every kid on the North Side is going to be licking their palms to try to get a day off to go take in the big game.


One University of Illinois student won't have to go through all the trouble of playing hooky though, because he knows that honesty is the best policy. He simply asked his professor to reschedule his midterm exam, and the professor kindly obliged.

Now, all that's left on Ben Larson's to-do list is snag a foul ball at the big game and -- if the Cubbies fulfill the prophecy laid forth in "Back to the Future II" -- adorn a float in the victory parade down Dearborn Street while singing a little karaoke.