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Proof that everyone and everything in Kansas City is named after George Brett

Video via Alyson Footer/

Rainy, wet conditions hours before what was supposed to be Game 3 of the ALCS kept a lot of the hardcore tailgaters away from Kauffmann Stadium, but there were a few who hunkered down and braved the weather, even if the chips got a little soggy.

With grills fired up, lawn chairs unfolded and beer in the coolers, a handful of Royals faithful were set up in the parking lot at the K for what they hoped would be a good old party before a KC win.

That included eight-year-old Brett Honeycutt, who, by our unofficial survey, was the only kid tailgaiting before Game 3 named after George Brett.

"He played for the Royals," Brett Honeycutt said, proudly. "And, he was really good."

His dad, Heath Honeycutt, a lifelong Royals fan, hadn't planned to name his son after his favorite player. But when it came time for him and his wife to pick a name, nothing else they discussed seemed to be a fit.

So Heath threw out the idea of Brett. His wife was immediately on board.

"She loved it," Heath said. "We went with it. I didn't tell her that George Brett was my favorite player back in the day."

Oh, and after some arduous Twitter research, it seems that a number of Kansas City natives born between 1975 and last week have a connection with the Hall of Fame third baseman ...

Game 3 is Tuesday, everybody.