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Five questions with the Dodgers' top prospect and September callup Corey Seager

Five questions with the Dodgers' Corey Seager

Corey Seager's promotion was long awaited for Dodgers fans, and so far he is living up to the hype. In seven games, he's hit .360/.429/.520 with four RBIs and five runs scored.

The last name Seager may sound familiar to you: Mariners third baseman Kyle is, in fact, Corey's brother. But Corey, whom the Dodgers selected 18th overall in the 2012 draft, is making his own name stand out as well.

Many may know Seager as the Dodgers' top prospect, but there is more to him than what meets the eye.

Q: What was the conversation like when you got "the call?"

A: Our [Oklahoma City] manager D.B. [Damon Berryhill] called me around 1:00 and just said, "Congratulations, you're going." I freaked out a little, I almost hung up on him and called my parents. It was fun. I called [my brother] Kyle about an hour after I talked to my parents.

Q: Has Kyle been able to help you adjust to playing in the big leagues? Was there any sibling rivalry with him growing up or even now?

A: I haven't really asked him too many questions baseball-wise. He just tells me to soak in everything I can and stuff like that. … [Kyle] is seven years older so we never really had that fire growing up. It was me and [my] middle brother who were most competitive with each other, but right now we just root for each other.

Q: Which baseball player did you watch growing up?

A: Derek Jeter. Both of my parents are from New York, so I kind of grew up a Yankees fan, and that's the guy I watched all the time. … My best friend growing up that I played with is from Philadelphia and is a huge Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins fan, so I watched quite a few of their games with him.

Q: Now, you haven't played at Dodger Stadium yet, but have you given any thought to what it will be like to play there?

A: I played in the Freeway Series two years ago, but I have not played in a regular season game there. It's probably going to be like my debut game: a little nerve-wracking. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm sure all the nerves will come back.

Q: Favorite TV show? Do you even have time to watch TV?

A: I watch "Suits" a lot. "New Girl," I know that sounds weird, but that had a lot of hits in it. I am watching "White Collar" right now, but "Rules of Engagement" is probably my all-time favorite.

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