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Question of the Day: Best NL first baseman?

In about 80 days, you can begin to click away at the All-Star Game online ballot and try to decide who to pick at first base in the National League.

It is going to look a lot different. Now that Prince Fielder is signing with Detroit and following Anaheim's Albert Pujols out the door of the senior circuit, it's time to look for the heirs apparent at first base there. Start with Cincinnati's Joey Votto, who is a year removed from the league's MVP award, or Philadelphia's Ryan Howard if he is recovered from injury on the team's last play of 2011.

Can Lance Berkman repeat his offensive output for St. Louis? Can Paul Goldschmidt blossom into a star for Arizona? Is Mets manager Terry Collins right about Ike Davis' potential for 2012? Michael Morse of the Nationals and Freddy Freeman of the Braves may be ready to jump to an elite level.

Today's question: Who is the best NL first baseman?