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Question of the Day: Who wants Manny?

The magical season of 1992 was also the last year Major League Baseball played without Manny Ramirez on the field. It still remains to be seen whether 2012 will be the first one since then, or whether any club will take a chance on him.

With 555 career home runs, perhaps an American League club in need of a designated hitter, such as the Orioles, Blue Jays, Rays (again?), Mariners or Twins, might roll the dice and offer a Minor League contract. Ozzie Guillen has managed Ramirez once: Could he again with the Marlins?

Ramirez, who turns 40 on May 30, could participate in Spring Training but could not play the first 50 games while serving a second suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. Nevertheless, he told ESPN's Pedro Gomez that he wants to come out of retirement. "I want to show people that Manny could change, that he could do the right thing, and just to show people that I still could play,” Ramirez said. “I don't want to leave the game like I did."

Today's question: Will anyone sign Manny?