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Question of the Day: Who wins Player of the Year?

The big announcement is coming Friday night exclusively on and MLB Network, as one of 10 nominees is going to win Player of the Year in the 10th annual GIBBYs, presented from 9-11 p.m. ET.

Candidates include Jose Bautista, Ryan Braun, Miguel Cabrera, Jacoby Ellsbury, Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, Curtis Granderson, Matt Kemp, Albert Pujols and Justin Upton.

There is no league delineation and no criteria other than deciding who was best. Fans, media, front-office personnel and MLB alumni did the voting for these awards. It's the final word on Major League Baseball awards season, and this is one of 19 categories, with Starting Pitcher of the Year being the other primary individual honor. The clock is ticking . . .

Today's Question: Who will win Player of the Year?