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Question of the Day: Who wins Rookie of the Year?

The big announcement is coming Friday night exclusively on and MLB Network, as one of 12 nominees is going to win Rookie of the Year in the 10th annual GIBBYs, presented from 9-11 ET.

Candidates include Dustin Ackley of the Mariners, Danny Espinosa of the Nationals, Freddie Freeman of the Braves, Jeremy Hellickson of the Rays, Eric Hosmer of the Royals, Craig Kimbrel of the Braves, Ivan Nova of the Yankees, Michael Pineda of the Mariners, Mark Trumbo and Jordan Walden of the Angels, Jemile Weeks of the A's and Vance Worley of the Phillies.

It is one of a record 19 categories in these Greatness in Baseball Yearly (GIBBYs) awards, and the successor to 2010 winner Buster Posey of the Giants will be chosen regardless of league affiliation. Fans, media, front-office personnel and MLB alumni did the voting, and the only criteria was "greatness" -- from Opening Day through World Series Game 7.

Kimbrel (NL) and Hellickson (AL) won the baseball writers' version of the award last month. Will it come down to one of them here? Or do more than 30 million votes change the dynamics? It's the final word on Major League Baseball awards season and the clock is ticking ...

Today's Question: Who will win Rookie of the Year?