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Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli combined for a smorgasbord of baserunning delight

Rajai Davis is a very fast man. The Indians outfielder entered Tuesday night not only fifth in the Majors in active steals with 354, but he was also leading the American League in stolen bases with 32 -- only getting caught four times. 

With the Indians taking on the White Sox, Davis found himself standing on first base in the bottom of the third. While the Cleveland broadcasters were talking up Davis' stolen-base skills, the outfielder found himself picked off by Cy Young hopeful Jose Quintana. Beyond it being awkward timing, it also meant that Davis' sterling stolen-base record this year was going to be tarnished.

Except, what's this? With a poor throw to second and some heads-up running by Davis, he was able to slide in safely. Clock that up to 33 stolen bases. 


Of course, while Davis' baserunning foible worked out, the not-so-fleet-of-foot Mike Napoli wasn't so lucky. After driving in Davis with a single to the outfield, Napoli tried to leg it out to second base. While we've seen a number of phenomenal slides to avoid tags recently, suffice to say this isn't one of them.