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Former Trojan Randy Johnson was very pleased with USC's heart-stopping Rose Bowl win

While you were busy trying to determine whether one day was too soon to start walking back that New Year's resolution, USC and Penn State were lighting up the Rose Bowl. After more than 1,000 combined yards, 53 second-half points, too many jaw-dropping plays to count and a last-second field goal, the Trojans escaped with a 52-49 win. 
As you might imagine, it was a pretty good day to be a USC fan. It was a very good day to be Randy Johnson, USC's biggest fan -- both figuratively and literally.
The Big Unit pitched for Southern Cal from 1983-85 -- where he played alongside Mark McGwire, which just seems unfair -- and even spent a couple years putting his 6-foot-10 frame to use on the basketball team. We're not saying his custom Trojan helmet was the reason his team ultimately emerged victorious, but we're also not not staying it