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MLB veteran Randy Wolf turns a very casual rally-crushing triple play in Triple-A

Screenshot via MiLB.

One of the truly fantastic things about triple plays as a subgenre of baseball defense is the sheer number of ways one can go down. Some are beautiful in their seamless execution, some are individual feats of defensive prowess, some boast thrilling wrinkles and some are even historic. Others, though, are more casual.

After a single and an error, the first two runners reached base in the bottom of the fifth inning of Monday's Triple-A matchup between the Buffalo Bisons and Indianapolis Indians. The Bisons had a 6-1 lead, but Indy was threatening a rally. There was just one problem: Randy Wolf was pitching.

After 15 MLB seasons and 18 total years in professional baseball, Wolf does not get flustered. He does not get intimidated. He snatched a line drive from Pedro Florimon as it sailed past his pitcher's mound, sent the ball to the second baseman, who sent it to first for the triple play.

And it all happened at the pace of a pre-game toss around. For a triple play that crushed any potential rally, it was exceptionally laid back.


Wolf has never been a part of a triple play at the Major League level, but he did see one while he was pitching for the Brewers in 2011. Which might explain why he remained so cool, calm and collected as the initiator of the International League's first triple play since 2012.